Emily Watlington

SMArchS 2018 Graduate


What drew you to this particular piece?

“Well, I applied for it last year but I didn’t get it. I’ve always liked Frances’s work… I think I first saw this piece in her show at the MFA. It was cool to see it in a museum then take it home. I later got to do a studio visit with her and am actually writing an article on her right now… so I can work on the piece at my desk while the work hangs next to it.”

Photos: Cassandra Rodriguez @stealthmade


How did you choose where to display it?

“I didn’t want to put it over my bed, and that’s the only other wall space.”

Cassandra: it definitely goes with everything, which is like, so weird.

“Yeah, that’s actually another reason I chose it, because it goes well with my room… I used to have a vase like the one in the piece, but my roommate’s cat broke it today.”


How do you feel it effects your space?

“It’s just exciting to be able to come home to it, and it fits with what I have. I’ve had a few dreams about it because I look at it before I go to bed. It’s a fun conversation piece too when people come over.”


Do you think that it’s presence has an effect on you personally?

“Yeah, I mean I have dreams about it and write about it!”