Rachel Insoft


What drew you to this particular piece?

“When I went to the gallery day—it was one of the first ones I saw. I think probably, selfishly, it’s because I’m a dog person, so that definitely drew me to it. Also, the size I thought was really striking. Because, you know, it’s a large piece, but it’s relatively simple in the center, so it wasn’t—it felt like you could really focus on it. It didn’t feel too busy or overwhelming, and I really liked that. It felt very accessible.”

Photos: Cassandra Rodriguez @stealthmade


How did you choose where to put it?

“This was my first choice! So, I knew I wanted something—well, I was hoping I’d get anything—and I was especially hoping for something for this space, in my apartment. I left this area blank when I moved in, hoping I would get something. So, I’m lucky, I think, in that the size, and both the content and color, the form, all fit really well.”


How do you feel it effects your space?

“So, when I moved in, I love to decorate, so I was kind of visualizing stuff in this space. There’s a lot of space in this apartment—the ceiling is really high—so it felt a little bit intimidating, and I knew I wanted something big and singular right here. I didn’t want to do, I don’t know, a photo wall or something because that would be overwhelming in my kind of study/living space. So, I left this blank hoping that I would get something that fit, and it did.”


Do you think that it’s presence has an effect on you personally?

“So, it’s definitely a conversation starter. When I was first here, making new friends, people came over to study, it was something that was really easy to talk about because it’s pretty interesting. So first, you know, obviously, I would tell them about the Student Art lottery and that, and people were always like ‘aw man, I missed out.’ I was like ‘welp, got to read your newsletters.’ But then, you know, we talked about—you know, we’d go from there. I’d be like ‘oh yeah, I love dogs, I have a dog.’ This piece has always made me think of the question ‘are you a dog person or a cat person?’ because it kind of has both of those elements. So that was a great way to make friends, which I really like. It also just makes me smile.”


Anything else you’d like to add?

“Yeah, it definitely makes me feel like my space is more of a home. Having real art is something that a lot of people identify as an ‘adult thing,’ and being a grad student, it’s hard to feel sometimes like you are an adult, so it’s really nice to come home and have a space that is decorated and have a piece like this that’s important and impressive. It definitely feels like it brings the space together, for me. So, I really like that. It makes it feel like a home and not a dorm room or something.”