Sisam Bhandari


What originally drew you to this piece?

“I’ve always liked little abstract art, and I felt like it would fit into my room also, kind of, that’s why I chose it. I just really liked it. I think his piece was also in the MoMA like when I saw the artist—because I’m from New York—and I usually like went to the MoMA. I recognized the artist.”

Photos: Cassandra Rodriguez @stealthmade


How did you choose where to put it?

“I brought it home, and I was like ‘okay, I’ll figure something out.’ But it just seemed to fit in. I was also thinking, like, somewhere here—and I like that it is right above my bed.”


What effect do you feel it has on the space?

“I feel like it’s calming, like, to look at. Just, I don’t know, like the geometry. I like the circle and the diamond that’s made by it, I like it. I feel like it has a calming feeling on me.”


Would you say that it’s presence has an effect on you personally?

“Yeah, definitely. I think that when I just come into my room it’s nice to just, like, look at.”