Thank you

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a note to our donors

We are grateful to the many donors that support the acquisition of new works. In particular, we thank Alan M. May ’57 and John Taylor ’72 for establishing endowment funds for the purpose of acquisitions. We also thank Karen ’70 & Gregory ’70 Arenson, Hope & Mel ’55 Barkan, Lynn Hauser & Neil Ross ’70, Arlette & Gus '69 Kayafas, Beth & Richard '69 Marcus, and Cynthia F. and Dr. Michael '66 W. Weisfield for their many gifts of art in recent years.  

We are indebted to the donors of the Friends of Boston Art program. New acquisitions would not be possible without their support.

We also want to thank Drew Katz for his role in digitizing our SLAP collection and helping us capture the images presented on this site.